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Originally from London England I arrived in beautiful  Canada many years ago.

        I used to  live on Locke Street (a small tourist area in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, full of little antique shops, restaurants and bars). I worked out of the loft. My Ex used to call me the Madwoman....Hence the name

Trained as a graphic artist, I was a partner in a very successful catering business for 14 years!!! (yes I know... go figure!!)
I reached a point where I was fed up with getting up at 4:15 am every day. Then my partner became very ill, (now recovered thank God) and we decided it was a sign to pack it in. What to do??
The Embroidery business I decided, that's it!! I bought the machine, and started to look for designs.
I couldn't find what I wanted.
I became a Grandmother, and wanted to make everything for my beautiful baby granddaughter, (the first of 6 gorgeous grandchildren)
I still couldn't find what I wanted. So I started to design. That's when the was born. Now I have loads of design sets,
and am constantly creating more.

I LOVE samplers, and keepsakes, and seem to veer off in this direction all the time, so keep watching, as I will add more and more. Recently I love to design make in the hoop items like my sleep mask.

I have recently moved into a lovely little house in Dundas .Ontario.Canada,and am busy decorating it.


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