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 Easter Gift Bag Tutorial


For most of you ,you will need no help, but just in case you do...............

Cut a piece of Fabric 16 "x 12",and using a CD as a pattern, cut a matching fabric circle for the base


Using a CD as a pattern, cut the base allowing a quarter of an inch-ish all around

Hoop 12'x 16 piece with the crease as a centre line

Sew shape of appliqué.

Place fabric over and re-sew

Trim away excess fabric and sew design details

For a design with 2 pieces of appliqué ,repeat the whole process.



Trim around the 2nd appliqué, and finish off.



With this result!


Sew the eyelet on the same crease line ,either in the same hoop if you can accommodate a 5x7 hoop, or re-hoop if you are using a 4x4 hoop. Remove from hoop and trim any loose threads, removing the stabilizer too.



Sew on the circular base to the bottom of the fabric.



Sew up back seam. Fold over the top to accommodate the eyelet, machine the fold and thread with ribbon for draw string.







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