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 Tooth Cat Help


I used bamboo fleece for the face, as it is a low lying fleece and I have scraps lying around.



1. Hoop fabric and stabilizer.

2.Sew face outline Place piece of fleece, or chosen fabric over the face placement stitches.Then trim around face and sew the features and border,including the ears


3.Fold over fabric for the pocket, fold pointing upward.

4.Sew pocket outline

5.Then trim and finish pocket details



6.So far it should look like this.

7.Place the back fabric over sewn front.

8.Sew the outer seam and remove from hoop.

9.Sew the tail placement.


10.Place double tail fabric over the tail outline and sew the outer seam and remove from hoop


11.Trim the tail and body, and turn to face the right way out. Fill the tail loosely with polyester stuffing.

12.Sew the tail to the bottom of the front of the cat, fill the body with polyester and slip stitch up the hole at the bottom of the cat.

13.Flip the tail over and secure to the back of the cat with a button.









And Voila!!!


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