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3D Easter Bunting Help




Hoop double tear-away stabilizer, or heavy tear-away stabilizer, then place your chosen fabric on the front of the hoop.



Sew the outlines of the bunting and bunny, or the chick, or the egg. Then place the batting cut in a small circle in the tummy area.


For the egg,  place the ribbon over the egg outline, then the piece of batting.




Place the fabric (I used fleece) over the sewn outline and batting






Sew the outline again over the appliqué fabric,  and trim around the edge.



  Sew the details, after trimming.


Place matching fabric on the back of the hoop and tape in place.

  Sew the ribbon holes and the satin outline. With the egg make sure the ribbon is taped in the middle out of the way of the outside satin stitch.

Trim with pinking sheers.


for the bunny, glue a cotton ball on if you wish over the embroidered tail, for a more 3D effect.


Tie the ribbon on the egg.



And Voila, you can now thread with your choice of ribbon





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