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Trained as a graphic artist, I was a partner in a very successful catering business for 14 years! (yes I know... go figure!!)
I reached a point where I was fed up with getting up at 4:15 am every day. Then my partner became very ill, (now recovered thank God) and we decided it was a sign to pack it in. What to do??
The Embroidery business I decided, I was going into personalizing, that's it!
I bought the machine, and started to look for designs.
I couldn't find what I wanted.
I became a Grandmother, and wanted to make everything for my beautiful baby granddaughter, (the first of 6 gorgeous grandchildren)
I still couldn't find what I wanted. So I started to design. That's when the was born. Now I have loads of design sets,
and am constantly creating more. So now I have this web site, I have Madwoman embroidery on ETSY....and   Madwoman Annex on Etsy too,where I sell my sewn creations!

My Chaotic wall of bunting and make in the hoop Tests..........


Threads and Fabric Wall....Getting into my Cricut too, designs coming there!

My Attempts with my for SVGs

I moved into a lovely little house in Dundas. Ontario. Canada, and am busy decorating it and gardening

with my Pal....



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