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Animals, birds, fish Collections

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Bunny Alphabet Quilt

Letters Available Individually








British Sheep



Bunny Quilt


Tabby Alphabet Bunting

British and Irish Sheep Bunting 

Owl Bunting 


Valentine Bears


Easter Babies

Baby Penguins 

Newborn Focus Quilt 

Nursery Alphabet 


Deco Birds



Scribble Birds



Dino Raggy Patches 

Free Owl design

Les Oiseaux Bleus


Applique Farm Animals 

 Basic Bunny Bunting 

Elephant Bunting 

Applique Cat Bunting

Redwork Bunny


Alphabet Sheep Bunting

Sheep Bunting 

Kitty Bunting

Fish  Bunting

Fat  Penguin Bunting

Piggy Bunting

Fat Chick Bunting

Ducky Bunting

Animal Wreaths

Applique Kittys


Applique Cat Alphabet


Victorian Cat Monograms


Lady Love Bugs

Alphabet Bunny Bunting


British Flag Sheep





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