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 Floral and Fruit

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Harvest Borders, Acorns



Poppy monograms and Borders

Nouveau Lily of the Valley Monograms


Acorn Font

Whimsy Thanksgiving

Whimsy Fall Floral name frame

Simple Daffodil Wreath


Simple Rose Wreath


Simple Thistle Wreath


Rose bud Quilt

Tudor Borders


Rambling Rose Monograms

Folk Art Borders



Folk Tulip Borders

Harvest Borders...Pumpkins

Art Nouveau Rose Border

Heart Pip Borders


Welsh Daffodils

Blueberry Tea

Star Pip Borders 

Harvest Borders...Wheat 

Bay Leaves and Stars

Rose Borders and Frames

 Deco Thistledown

Daffodil Font

Thistledown Monograms

Victorian Garden Font


Shamrock Borders

Leafy Monograms

Celtic Font 2

Harvest Monograms


Pot o Flowers

Autumn Monograms

Watercolour Monograms

Merry Willows 

Watercolour Wreaths



Watercolour Borders 1


Watercolour Borders 2

Watercolour Borders 3

Inspirational Quilt in 2 Sizes


Parisian Lavender


Lovely Lavender


Nouveau Pansy Monograms

Wheat Font

Pansy Borders







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