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  Shabby Tree Hearts Help

Start with dyeing your cotton fabric, use tea bags and salt, or cheap instant coffee and salt for a slightly deeper colour. For the crinkled ribbon, use polyester seam binding dyed in tea, left squished up to dry.



The first images show one version, using pinking sheers to trim, below that is version two,

turning inside out, easier with the 6" heart.
Sew outline and design

Tape matching fabric to the back of the hoop.


Sew the outline again.



Pop from the hoop, trim with pinking sheers.fill with lavender or quilt batting.Sew up the opening.I sewed with machine stiches,but hand is fine.


Add ribbon ,either sewing the bow,     or glue with fabric adhesive. I also added hotfix crystals.

Sew outline and design


Lay backing fabric over the front of design. If you wish to include the bell, thread the seam biding or ribbon through the bell ,and tape into position.


Sew the outline again and pop from the hoop. Tear off the stabilizer, trim and turn inside out.




This is where you can add the hot fix crystals. I just use an iron .Place the crystals,secure using a hot iron.



Fill with lavender or polyester fill. Sew to close and add ribbon, loop, silk flowers, or both.






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