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Whimsy Designs

 Fast sewing, inexpensive, whimsical designs!

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Whimsy Rabbit 1 


Whimsy Rabbit 2 


Whimsy Puss Cat 1 


Whimsy Puss Cat 2 


Whimsy Cradle Wreath 


Whimsy Crow Wreath


Whimsy Robin Wreath



Whimsy Crown Princess


Whimsy Merry Christmas Wreath

Whimsy Floral Name Frame


Whimsy Baby Bear Frame


Whimsy Puss Cat Frame

Whimsy Valentine

Whimsy Happy Thanksgiving

Whimsy Easter Chick Frame


Whimsy Easter Bunnies

Whimsy Happy Easter


Whimsy Daffodil Name Frame

Whimsy Fall Floral 



Whimsy Mother's Day


Whimsy Halloween Crow


Simple Heart Wreaths


Whimsy Twiggy Robin Wreath



Schoolgirl Crush



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